We are delighted to offer (subject to status) leasing options for our commercial and business customers at very low rates. In this present climate, Air Conditioning Equipment leasing is crucial for both suppliers and customers. At Arctic Breeze we fully understand that Air Conditioning Equipment can be a big investment. That is why we offer to arrange air conditioning equipment leasing for our commercial and business customers. This way we both gain.

Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) - 100% first-year Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) allow the full cost of an investment in designated energy-saving plant and machinery including certain costs arising as a direct result of the installation of qualifying plant and machinery such as; transport of the equipment to the site, and some direct installation costs to be written off against the taxable profits of the period in which the investment is made.

The general rate of capital allowances for spending on plant and machinery is 20% a year on the reducing balance basis.


    The Advantages of Leasing:

  1. Budget more effectively - By spreading the cost over 3 or 5 years, clients can budget for one easy fixed cost for the period without having to worry about interest rate movement.

  2. Be totally flexible - Payments can match the cash flow of the business – Payments can be made monthly or quarterly to suit the customer's cash flow. One of the most common reasons quoted for companies failing, is bad management of cash flow. Leasing helps clients to manage their cash flow more effectively.

  3. Preserve borrowing power and invest funds elsewhere - Other lines of credit from the bank or other finance houses remain intact for other credit needs. In addition, leasing can ease the strain on working capital and provide finance with no deposit thus leaving you with more reserves to invest in profit making activities.

  4. Allocation of payments from a revenue budget as to a capital budget - In large organisations there are two budgets, a capital budget for purchasing assets and a revenue budget for the running costs of the business. Leasing can come from a revenue budget and thus can overcome capital budget restrictions.

  5. Overcome budget limitations - With many large capital budgets for the renewal or refurbishment of buildings, the budgets are always under pressure, and items are often then excluded from the spend. By leasing and spreading the cost of the equipment and installation, the air conditioning equipment can be afforded by the customer.

No matter what size the size of the air conditioning equipment it is, be it a couple of cassettes to a full VRF heat recovery system, we can arrange the leasing of your air conditioning with the minimum of fuss and paperwork.

To discuss your leasing needs, click here or call 0800 0787 289


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